Economics Tuition


At JC Economics Education Centre, we understand that scoring well on the Cambridge exams requires more than just a thorough understanding of economics. To achieve top grades, students must also be able to write essays and answer case study questions in a manner that meets the expectations of Cambridge examiners.

That’s why we are proud to offer a comprehensive essay writing and case study skills program to our students. Led by experienced economics tutor Dr. Anthony Fok, our program teaches students the proper techniques for efficient learning and how to score Level 3 (L3) marks for essays. Dr. Fok imparts the secrets to scoring full marks for the data-response type questions in case studies.

Our essay writing program covers everything from how to structure an essay, to how to analyze and evaluate the arguments presented in the question. We provide students with ample practice materials, feedback, and personalized support to help them develop their essay writing skills and achieve success in the Cambridge exams.

Our case study skills program focuses on helping students to understand the demands of the case study questions and how to answer them effectively. We teach students how to analyze data, identify key trends, and apply economic principles to real-world scenarios. Through this program, students develop the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to excel in the case study portion of the Cambridge exams.

By offering a comprehensive essay writing and case study skills program, we are committed to helping our students achieve their academic goals and realize their full potential in economics. With Dr. Anthony Fok’s guidance and our proven teaching methods, our students learn to give answers that meet the expectations of Cambridge examiners and achieve top grades on the exams.