A student at JC Economics Education Centre enjoys advantages that other students don’t. Like what?

Like a proven methodology.

In class, JC Economics Education Centre utilises the R.E.A.D. methodology of teaching that has been demonstrated to work.
Just ask the A-scorers who comprise roughly half the centre’s students. R.E.A.D. stands for:

Students are taught to apply Economic theory to real life in their essays and case studies, honing their abilities to draw such connections when it comes to the GCE A-Levels.
JC Economics Education Centre puts a particular focus on the Singapore economy because knowledge of the local economy is a requirement of the GCE A-Level paper. Students are taught the qualities and key features and forces of the Singapore economy, with comparisons made to developed countries such as USA and Japan, and developing countries such as China, India and Vietnam.
What this means is that students’ essays are richer, more well-informed and comprise more high-quality evaluations − a sure-fire way to an A!

JC Economics Education Centre students get taught personally by the man who is not just an ex-MOE teacher − those are dime a dozen. They are also taught by the writer of the annual GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series as well as a host of A-Level Economics guidebooks used by tutors and school teachers. Anthony is able to impart the foolproof techniques used by top scorers and give tips that have been proven to secure As in examinations.

That’s right. Even outside of tuition hours, Anthony puts in the time, effort and energy to answer to students’ questions via WhatsApp and email. He knows that often, the best learning occurs in a “flow” or “stream”. Once interrupted, it is hard to get back on course. So once students have a question, they can get it answered without having to wait an entire week until the next lesson. Highly useful, especially come exam time!

JCEconomics.com students get access to an extensive database comprising notes on individual topics, syllabus and assessment formats, reading lists, exam and learning tips, checklists, key words and more. These get woven in with key content so the entire learning process gets shortened, and students get the best out of their classes, since time is obviously of the essence.
Unofficially, Anthony is an Economics resource in himself. He regularly makes use of amusing and interesting analogies to help students remember Economics concepts, so that students look forward to class every week, and apply the fundamental concepts to complement what they get from school.

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